ABCDerm Cold Cream 200 ML

ABCDerm Cold Cream 200 ML
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Product Description

Bioderma ABCDerm Cold Cream Nourishing Body Cream is a protective care which nourishes, soothes and softens the skins of babies and children.

This protective treatment is specifically formulated in accordance with the ABCDerm dermatological safety commitment to normal to dry skin that has been made fragile by external stresses (wind, cold, hard water, heat, etc...).

This cream is formulated with superfatting dermatological active ingredients, rich in essential fatty acids, that help to restore the barrier function of the epidermis in dry skin and improve the skin's ability to retain water.

Its creamy, non-greasy texture ("Oil-in water" emulsion) provides long-lasting relief from feelings of drynes, discomfort, and tighness.

Excellent skin tolerance. Paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free, phtalate-free.

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