Click Here for Avene Thermal Spring Water

Click Here for Avene Thermal Spring Water
Avène Thermal Spring Water

The key element in all Avène skincare products and regimens

A 40-year journey in the Cevennes Mountain allows the water in Avène to acquire the perfectly balanced mineral composition and become gradually enriched with the trace elements and silicates.

More than 300 clinical studies prove its efficacy.

Rich in silicate and trace elements soothes, calms and softens, protects and purifies skin, Low salt mineral content (NoCl, 266 mg/l) adapted to sensitive skin will not dry out the skin, and pH 7.5 won’t sting or burn skin. Can be sprayed on open, clean wounds. Naturally bacteriologically pure Constant temperature of 75ºF, 25.6ºC

The water is the only thermal spring water directly connected from the source to the Hydrotherapy Center and the manufacturing plant next to the Center. The first time it sees the light is when it touches your skin!

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