BlanX: Whitening Toothpaste with ActiluX® and BlanX Led 50 ml

BlanX: Whitening Toothpaste with ActiluX® and BlanX Led 50 ml
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Since time immemorial, our smile has been the expression of our personality, of our feelings, a tool for flirting, and has been a true calling card in our everyday relationships. This is why it's very important to take care of our mouth, through correct oral hygiene and specific cosmetic treatments that, now more than ever, help us to always have a beautiful smile. BlanX whitening toothpaste ensures greater, non-abrasive cleaning effectiveness and restores the natural whiteness of teeth. Rigorous testing has shown the effectiveness of this toothpaste against dental discolouration: it protects the integrity of the enamel while preventing plaque adhesion and fighting tooth yellowing.

Congratulations for choosing BlanX White Shock® with LED accelerator, the only technology which unleash the whitening power of ActiluX® formula. To use it, unscrew the cap of the tube and take off the safety seal; take the BlanX LED out of the box and screw it onto the tube taking care not to use too much pressure; unscrew the cap to use the product. The special and patented BlanX LED light will shine on the toothpaste while it is being placed onto the toothbrush immediately activating the whitening action of ActiluX®. You can also use the LED light directly on your teeth, the more light they receive the whiter they will get! Once you have finish the toothpaste you can screw the BlanX LED accelerator onto a new BlanX White Shock tube.

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