California Baby Therapeutic French Lavender Essential Oil Blend

California Baby Therapeutic French Lavender Essential Oil Blend
Item# cabathfrlaes

Product Description

Age: 6 months and older For Use: Boo boos, burns - all purpose Scent: Pure French lavender essential oil

Product description: Versatile and easy to use, California Baby® Therapeutic French Lavender™ Essential Oil is a "must have" for your first-aid kit. Use to soothe and speed the healing of minor bruises, cuts, and burns. Its antibacterial, non-stinging, and calming properties make it the perfect treatment for acne and other skin maladies. For minor cuts & scrapes, first use California Baby® Calming & Non-Burning™ Diaper Area Wash to cleanse; next, dispense a couple of drops of our Therapeutic Tea Tree™ oil onto cotton pad or Q-tip to disinfect (apply directly onto the skin), followed in the same manner by our Therapeutic French Lavender™ oil to soothe and speed healing. For minor irritations and acne, apply once a day for a couple of days; for chronic conditions or scar healing, apply no more than twice daily. Although lavender is an essential oil that may be used directly on the skin, it can be drying if over used. Remember, a little goes a long way. If you see that the skin is becoming dry, you may be applying too much or using for too long of a time. The skin should not become red after applying; it should immediately feel soothed and refreshed. Keep away from the eyes. .5 oz.

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