California Baby Swimmer's Defense Hair Conditioner

California Baby Swimmer's Defense Hair Conditioner
Item# california-baby-swimmer39s-defense-hair-condition39

Product Description

Age: 6 months and older For Use: Leave in or rinse out Scent: Beautiful aromatherapy blend that includes lemongrass Product description: Chlorine and salt water suck out the sebum (a natural lubricant and protectant) of the hair and cause it to crack, resulting in split ends. Styling aids can also dry and damage hair. California Baby®'s proprietary formula contains a botanical blend of herbs, rich emollients, and natural sunscreens that combine to rebalance, repair and rehydrate—leaving hair soft and shiny. California Baby®'s pure essential oil blend leaves hair beautifully scented. May be used daily and year-round. Leave in or rinse out.

8.5 oz.

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