Caswell Massey Lavender Water Face Tonic 170ml/6oz

Caswell Massey Lavender Water Face Tonic 170ml/6oz
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Product Description

Lavender Water

You'll love the many ways you can use this natural scented lavender water. A few drops add a touch of scent for bath water, bed linens and lingerie. And it's perfect as a final hair rinse or facial tonic, especially those with troubled skin. •6 oz. bottle •Alcohol-free •Packaged in a blue glass bottle •Great for sensitive skin •Made in USA

English Lavender

Fragrant with the freshness of fields of Lavender in bloom. Native to the ancient lands surrounding the Mediterranean, Lavender has been a precious oil with a multitude of uses for over 2500 years. Of the lavender flowers currently grown for market, English Lavender is recognized as the best, having a fuller, richer fragrance. Lavender's unique fragrance and properties come from a complex of 180 natural essences. Lavender is said to enhance love and romance, its presence bringing peace to the home and happiness in marriage. Fragrance family: Aromatic & Herbal Fragrance notes(s): English Lavender, Jasmine, Honey, Orange Blossom

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