Click Here for FIORAVANTI: dull hair

Click Here for FIORAVANTI: dull hair
Fascinated by nature, the french stylist René Furterer was a pioneer in finding natural solutions for the hair and scalp. He created the first spa for hair in Paris in 1957. As was the style in the 1950's, many of his clients had over-bleached and damaged hair in their pursuit to achieve the Marilyn Monroe Look. It was then that René Furterer realized that the hair could only be repaired and revitalized from the roots of a healthy scalp. Thus a new personalized method using natural ingredients to treat both the scalp and the hair was born and achieved immediate success lasting til today.

dull hair FIORAVANTI

shine, detangling Intensify the shine and brilliance of dull hair. FIORAVANTI incorporates the Fioravanti complex, a combination of 11 plant extracts, which tightens the hair cuticles delivering a burst of magnified shine. Acerola Cherry vinegar neutralizes hard water and boosts strands with a high-gloss finish. This shine enhancing system procures radiant hair with light-reflecting shine.

Plant Extracts FIORAVANTI (Fioravanti complex)

A unique combination of plant extracts, developed in the 16th century by Dr. L. Fioravanti. Formulated with carefully selected plant extracts, including Ginger and Cinnamon, known for their aromatic, refreshing and stimulating properties, the Fioravanti complex creates shine and lightness in hair.

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