Click Here for St. Johns Bay Rum

Click Here for St. Johns Bay Rum
St. Johns Bay Rum

The Virgin Islands has for years been known throughout the world for the superior quality of its BAY RUM. The word 'ST. JOHNS' on BAY RUM is like 'Sterling' on Silverware. It stands for the best in the world. This superiority is due to a special quality of leaves of the Bay Trees (Pamenta Acris), which grow on the island of St. John, and in no other part of the world. - Encyclopedia Britannica.

Bay Rum

A fresh orange accent brightens the shimmering spice signature of this warm scent. Eucalyptus leaf creates a refreshing sensation that lifts the spicy heart of bay rum, while cinnamon and clove enrich the blend with sensual tones. A soft musk background envelopes the scent while creating a lingering sweetness.

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