Click Here for VOLUMEA: fine, limp hair

Click Here for VOLUMEA: fine, limp hair
Fascinated by nature, the french stylist René Furterer was a pioneer in finding natural solutions for the hair and scalp. He created the first spa for hair in Paris in 1957. As was the style in the 1950's, many of his clients had over-bleached and damaged hair in their pursuit to achieve the Marilyn Monroe Look. It was then that René Furterer realized that the hair could only be repaired and revitalized from the roots of a healthy scalp. Thus a new personalized method using natural ingredients to treat both the scalp and the hair was born and achieved immediate success lasting til today.

fine, limp hair VOLUMEA

Volume boost in fine hair with high style volume. VOLUMEA volumizing care is infused with natural Carob extract that weightlessly coats and plumps each hair strand to deliver visible amplifying volume from the roots to ends. This volumizing system provides long-lasting airy fullness with enhanced body and bounce.

Plant Extracts CAROB EXTRACT (Ceratonia siliqua)

Natural Carob extract is derived from the Carob tree, a tree native to the Mediterranean Basin. It is rich in polysaccharides that adhere to the hair fiber creating long-lasting volume from roots to ends.

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