Claus Porto Banho Citron Verbena Bath Soap 12.4 oz

Claus Porto Banho Citron Verbena Bath Soap 12.4 oz
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A generously portioned and elegant cleanser for your daily bath or shower, Claus Porto “Banho” Citrus Verbena Oversized Bath Soap Bar is a lyrical citrus cream yellow, echoing that tangy and zesty punch with a fruity and flowery scent that has the herbal backbone of lemon verbena. Enriched with 100 percent pure shea butter, the powerhouse of body moisturizers, this big bath bar creates creamy and full fragranced lather to the last, its vegetable base milled seven times to silken and strengthen the soap structure for a sumptuous finish.

Claus Porto makes soap today in the same manner as its founding year, 1887. Crafted and molded by hand, with even the wrapping folded and secured by a trained artisan, luxuriate in the experience of soap made as it ought to be. We have gathered a bouquet of colors and fragrances among which our Canadian and US customers can choose. Click through the Porto range of our superior soap online offerings and find your cleansing muse.

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