Claus Porto Favorito (Red Poppy) Soap 12.4 oz bar

Claus Porto Favorito (Red Poppy) Soap 12.4 oz bar
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Product Description

A beautiful deep and warm pink color with a exotic spicy based floral scent, the Claus Porto “Favorito” Red Poppy Oversized Bath Soap Bar will hold a place of honor in your bath or shower. It lathers extremely well, its seven-fold milling process resulting in rich and creamy suds that create a memorable cleansing experience. The extra care taken to produce this luxury bath bar means it will not dry out or split like lesser soap. 100 percent shea butter ensures skin is cleansed and moisturized, and the vegetable base and commitment to eschew animal testing emphasizes this company’s responsible approach to ethical personal care item production.

A long history with a promise to never stop innovating sets Claus Porto apart from its competition. This Portuguese soap making master has been carefully and consistently offering a superior product for over 125 years, using traditional and time consuming methods because they result in the finest bath bar. All our Canadian customers need do is select their favorites from our online milled soap catalog and the gloriously creamy cleansing will follow.

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