Claus Porto Ilyria (Honeysuckle) Soap 12.4oz Bar

Claus Porto Ilyria (Honeysuckle) Soap 12.4oz Bar
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Hand packaged in brilliant blue and yellow paper, the ecru oval of Claus Porto "Ilyria" Honeysuckle Oversized Bath Soap Bar promises a shower or bath drenched in the essence of spring. Sweetly fragrant and voluptuously creamy suds are easily created with a pouf, cloth or hands in the shower or bath as the soap is super refined and rich with shea butter. Milled seven times, a Claus Porto soap will last a long time without drying out or fragmenting, ensuring many deliciously fragrant cleansings from this enormous bath bar.

Portuguese luxury soaps are the speciality of Claus Porto, experts in European soapmaking since 1887. None of the soaps are tested on animals, and only pure essential oils scent the vegetable based cleansers. Handmade cleansing bars in decadent fragrances and a rainbow of colors tempt our US and Canadian customers when they peruse the Claus Porto range on our Toronto area personal care and grooming website.

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