kneipp Evening Primrose Dry Skin Relief Body Oil 3.38 fl.oz.

kneipp Evening Primrose Dry Skin Relief Body Oil 3.38 fl.oz.
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Product Description

Suffering from very dry or needy skin? Irritated or flaking skin? Relieve skin with this intensely moisturizing, natural plant formula for everyday care of very dry, itchy, irritated or flaky skin. Natural calming Evening Primrose Oil, which contains a high amount of Gamma-Linoleic Acid, protects and comforts "needy skin". Skin is left feeling calm, redness is relieved and overall appearance of the skin is improved. Emollient Almond, and Sunflower natural olis are particularly well tolerated by the skin and regulate the skinís natural hydration, especially when applied directly after a shower or bath to damp skin. Complete with highly concentrated Vitamin E, to protect and keep your skin looking healthy. Perfect to calm and relieve redness after waxing or from allergic reactions and insect bites, and revive skin after too much sun. A study confirms: 93%- soothes the skin 97%- provides long-lasting moisture, 97%- calms skin irritation, 100%- very good skin tolerance. Results observed by dermatologists: application over 4 weeks to subjects with a tendency of very dry, sensitive or irritated skin.

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