Nesti Dante 70th Anniversary Luxury Platinum Soap 250g

Nesti Dante 70th Anniversary Luxury Platinum Soap 250g
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NESTI DANTE Natural Soap originates from the ongoing research towards excellence. To celebrate its 70th anniversary Nesti Dante has created a precious natural soap prepared with Platinum, the most precious material ever, in a special limited edition. Platinum, thanks to its beneficial qualities, has always been appreciated by the ayurvedic medicine. Platinum, thanks to its properties, keeps the transpiration regular guaranteeing a natural clean feeling. The Platinum is a precious antioxidant that gives healthy, firm and smooth skin. The Saponeria NESTI DANTE has further enriched this new standard of beauty with the unique and intense note of the absolute of Camelia Bella di Firenze and precious Granduca di Toscana White Jasmin: a true Italian ode to joy.

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