Rene Furterer RF 80 3-Step Kit - Sudden Hair Loss

Rene Furterer RF 80 3-Step Kit  - Sudden Hair Loss
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Product Description

Strengthen thin, weak hair following periods of stress, fatigue or pregnancy.

Three-month Program:

Prepare - COMPLEXE 5 Regenerating Extract (1.69 fl oz) - COMPLEXE 5 Regenerating extract is essential for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. It is unique concentration of Orange and Lavender Essential Oils stimulates microcirculation when combined with a massage, and invigorates the scalp to favor the growth of beautiful and healthy hair. COMPLEXE 5 also cleanses the scalp and helps optimize the action of other treatment products by increasing the penetration rate tenfold. In that, it constitutes the preparation step of the personalized hair care method of Rene Furterer.

Shampoo - FORTICEA Stimulating Shampoo (6.76 oz) - FORTICEA Stimulating shampoo complements Rene Furterer thin hair treatment to maximize RF 80 efficiency. The recommended massages during its application release the essential oils and improve the penetration of energizing peptides by activating the blood circulation in the scalp. Smooth and concentrated, this pH-balanced shampoo respects the scalp's natural balance and provides volume and strength to the hair.

Treat - RF 80 Concentrated Hair Strengthening Formula (12 vials of 0.16 fl oz each) - RF 80, concentrated hair-strengthening formula, encourages healthy hair growth to counteract thin hair. It has a direct action on the 2 causes of reactional thin hair (nutritional and vascular). RF 80 provides hair with strength, vigor and innovation that helps stimulate the microcirculation of the scalp, creating a healthy environment for hair growth. RF 80 also contains Methionine, crucial for the Keratinic metabolism. It is combined with Vitamin B5 and Biotin in order to encourage the growth of healthy hair. With patented Pfaffia® extract.

Effectiveness: 75% of consumers reported having stronger hair.

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