Solgar Coenzyme Q-10 400 mg Softgels

Solgar Coenzyme Q-10 400 mg Softgels
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Product Description

Coenzyme Q-10 — also known as Co Q-10 — is famous for its antioxidant power.* It appears in almost every cell in the body, and helps to fight against free radicals.* Since it is naturally found in the energy-producing cells of the heart, Co Q-10 contributes to healthy cardiovascular function, providing powerful antioxidant support for the heart and promoting healthy circulation through myocardial tissue.* Co Q-10 plays a role in the body’s production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the basic energy component of the human cell.* Co Q-10 is essential to the production of energy by almost every cell in the body, even helping the body to convert food to energy.* In quantities of at least 360 mg per day, Co Q-10 may also prove to be important for cognitive function and nervous system health.*

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