Click Here For THINNING HAIR - quinine

Click Here For THINNING HAIR - quinine
The KLORANE range of anti-hair loss care with cinchona extract.

Are you losing your hair? Does it lack strength and vitality and appear limp, especially when the seasons change? Do you want to curb this abnormal hair loss and encourage stronger hair growth?

With the KLORANE anti-hair loss range, you can effectively fight hair loss and restore health and vitality. All the power of KLORANE cinchona for stronger, more vigorous hair.

Cinchona pubescens Vahl

We cultivate our cinchona in Ecuador using techniques that respect the surrounding ecosystem. The quality of each plant harvested is controlled in accordance with KLORANE Phytofiliere® specifications. The bark is collected by hand, and its active agent is concentrated in the form of a patented extract, the stimulant virtues on the hair bulb of which we have scientifically proven. This extract is incorporated into the KLORANE line of anti-hair loss care with cinchona.


The cinchona is a tree of the Rubiaceae family native to South America, traditionally used as a tonic and astringent. We have chosen the Cinchona pubescens Valh. species because its bark is naturally rich in quinine, a molecule with powerful and fortifying properties, the efficacy of which has been scientifically proven.

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